West Bengal Digital Ration Card: Online Apply, Ration card List & Check Card Status

West Bengal Digital Ration Card online apply | Documents Required | WB digital ration card list | ration card status

A ration card is a common form of address and identification proof in India that allows Rural families to get government-subsidized items from the Central Provident Fund. A ration card is a legally binding document government-issued of each state that works as evidence of nationality. It is a vital document that not only serves as a confirmation of identity but also reflects a user’s financial condition. It is an optional document that is not mandatory for every citizen to get, but individuals usually apply for it since it is a well-accepted form of ID proof that allows an individual to get multiple benefits from the government through this scheme.

Ration cards are classified into several categories based on the potential earning of an individual. Each state has its own scheme, but they are all dependent on an individual’s annual salary. People with high-income potential (as determined by the regional state government) are not eligible for subsidized meals.

West Bengal Digital Ration Card

The government has also introduced a digital ration card. An E-ration card is a useful way for families to get a ration card which is provided by various state governments. They developed it to give all digital services, including West Bengal Digital Ration Card. The idea of the Digital Ration Card originated from the Digital India program. Most Indians can benefit from the Digital India program. WB Digital Ration Card will also make it easier for residents to get subsidized products.

Citizens of West Bengal who live below the poverty line or slightly above the poverty line can apply for a ration card, which allows them to buy food at subsidized prices. In addition, the ration card can serve as a valid legal document, also it offers subsidized food and other useful items. There are many benefits of getting a West Bengal Ration Card. To get West Bengal Digital Ration Card, applicants need to apply online. In this article, we will know how to apply for West Bengal Digital Ration Card. You will also get the application status and other ration card-related information.

Key Features of West Bengal Digital Ration Card

Digital ration cards are available to applicants whose aadhar ID and contact number are registered to their ration card. The following are the key features of an electronic ration card.

  • Owners of digital ration cards and electronic ration cards will get the same benefits and privileges.
  • It is the responsibility of the relevant agencies to approve e-ration cards.
  • Anyone may verify the ration card using the attached QR code.
  • This e-ration card may be obtained from the official website.
  • Once the card is approved, the person can go to a fair price shop and buy necessary food. This user does not need to bring his or her original digital ration card to the shops.
  • A photocopy of an e-ration card helps get food grams from a ration shop.

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Key Points

Name of Scheme

West Bengal Digital Ration Card

Launched By

West Bengal public distribution system ( WPDS )


Department of food and supplies. Govt. Of West Bengal


Residents of West Bengal state

Major Benefit

Providing food items at a subsidized price

Official Website


Documents necessary to apply for a Ration Card in West Bengal

The following credentials must be submitted in prior to applying for a West Bengal Ration Card:

  • Aadhaar Card/Unique ID
  • Identity verification.
  • Address verification.
  • Income proof.
  • Valid mobile phone number.
  • Email address
  • EPIC/Voter ID
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Old ration card, if applied before

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Modes to apply for a West Bengal ration card

Online Method (For New Applicant)

  • Visit the ‘West Bengal Department of Food and Supplies’ official website.
  • If you are applying for the first time, select the ‘New applicant’ – do not have ration card‘ selection on the display.
  • Select District, Post Office, Block/Municipality, Document Category Information, and then select Fair Price Shop/Ration Dealer information.
  • Then, provide your personal information for the ration card, like your birth date, Aadhaar number, and so on. Add your ‘parents information’ and press ‘Show Member‘. If you are the family’s head, go to the ‘relationship’ tab and choose ‘Head’.
  • Then enter important details like the member’s name, relationship to you, age, and so on by clicking on ‘Add Family Members‘. Now, hit on the ‘Show Member’
  • select the ‘Save and View Application
  • Read and double-check all your information. Select the ‘Submit’ Your registration form will be uploaded successfully, and you will receive a confirmation message on your computer display.

Online method (For Existing Applicant)

  • Once you visit the official websiteWest Bengal Department of Food and Supplies‘.


  • After that, you will see the link ‘Registration Form for Non-Subsidized Ration Card or Conversion to Non-Subsidized Ration Card’. Just click on it.
  • A next screen will appear, asking you to add your 10-digit mobile phone number.


  • Your linked contact number will get a one-time password (OTP). Enter the OTP and press the ‘Verify’ button.
  • Then, if you are an old ration cardholder – AAY, PHH, SPHH, RKSY-I, or RKSY-II Card – you must select one of the choices to convert your existing digital card to a non-subsidized ration card.
  • If you are registering for your first ration card, you will not be asked to select any of the categories mentioned above.
  • Provide the district, block/municipality, post office, gramm panchayat, apartment number, police station, email Address, road lane, PIN code, and ration card details in the following stage. To display the data, choose the ‘DISPLAY’ button.
  • Your family members’ information will appear on the screen. You can then choose to convert all or some of the cardholders to non-subsidized ration cards by clicking on the ‘View Selected List’ button.
  • Fill in your all personal information including your birthdate, Aadhaar number, EPIC number (only if available), and PAN number for the specified ration card before clicking on the ‘Save and View’ button.
  • Finally, double-check all your information and hit the ‘Submit’ button. Your registration form will be completed and submitted, and you will get a confirmation message on your computer screen.

Offline Method

If you want to apply for a new ration card or upgrade your existing ration card.

  • You can also visit your nearest service center or ration shop with all the proper documents.
  • You must complete the registration form and provide relevant documents as evidence before submitting it.
  • Your documents will then be checked, and if it is confirmed that they are valid, your replacement ration card will be sent to your contact location.
  • Now you can also download the application form online, take a printout and complete it.
  • Thereafter, you can take the document to the nearest service center and submit it.

How to check West Bengal Ration Online List.

You can search your name in the West Bengal State Digital Ration Card List by following the easy guidelines given below:

  • First and foremost, you must go to the official website of WB Digital Ration Card.
  • After That Click on ” View ration card Count (NFSA and state Scheme


  • Following that, the names of all the districts, as well as the number of West Bengal Ration Cards issued in each will show in front of you.
  • Then, Click on the name of your region to choose it.
  • Once the name of your area will be shown. Click on your area.
  • After that list of Fairs price shop with No. of ration card will appear.
  • Now click on your respective fair shop name and list of ration card will appear.

Check the Status of Your West Bengal Ration Card

  • First, go to the West Bengal ration card status.
  • Choose a form category, district, and municipality.
  • Type the last 8 digits of your ration card registration details or the full 16 digits of your ration card registration number.
  • Hit the ‘Search’ button.
  • After that, you’ll be able to verify the status of your ration card.

How to Download West Bengal ration card online

  • Go to the West Bengal Department of Food and Supplies’ official website.
  • Click on “Search your Digital ration card details“.
  • Enter Ration card Number and RC category followed by captcha.


  • after providing all information click on Search button.
  • post that you can view your ration card details and download it in PDF file format. You can also get a printout of it for future reference.

West bengal digital ration card status check

If you have applied for the ration in WB and wants to check the status, same can be done by visiting the official website of Department.

  • On home page click on the E-Citizen tab,
  • After that click on “check ration card application status”.
  • Now Select Form Type and enter application number or phone number followed by given captcha.
  • Once you have provided all the information Click on Search button. Information related to West bengal digital ration card status will appear.

Frequently asked question in WB digital Ration card

How to download WB digital ration card list.

This list can be downloaded from DEPT. OF FOOD AND SUPPLIES, GOVT. OF WEST BENGAL Official Website “under view ration card count” Tab

How to check the west bengal ration card details.

It is available on official website under E-Citizen tab. To check the ration card details click on Search your Digital ration card details.

What is the procedure to apply the ration online in West Bangal

If you wanted to apply for the ration card in WB you can do that by visiting https://wbpds.wb.gov.in/ official website and apply for it on clicking “apply for new ration card” under E-citizen tab.

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