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Seva Sindhu Portal | seva sindhu portal registration | Login, App download

Seva Sindhu portal is an initiative of the Karnataka Government to make the government services easily accessible online to the citizens of the state. Aimed at making it an integrated platform for all the departmental services by the integration of Karnataka Government’s numerous service delivery channels, the citizen service centers like Bangalore One, CSC Centers, Karnataka One, Atalji Jana Snehi Kendra, and Bapuji Kendras. This article will cover all the necessary details of the portal such as the procedure for login on the Seva Sindhu portal, how to check application status at the portal, the procedure to do Seva Sindhu portal registration, and many more such details regarding the portal.


The primary objective of the initiative is to make the government services available to the citizens of the state in a — cashless, faceless, and paperless manner.

Name of the portalSeva Sindhu portal
Launched ByState Government of Karnataka
BeneficiariesResident of Karnataka state
Registration ProcessOnline
ObjectiveProviding various govt. services
CategoryKarnataka Govt. Scheme

 Seva Sindhu Portal and Its Benefits

The Seva Sindhu portal is extremely beneficial for the citizens of Karnataka, and it’s not only beneficial for the citizens of the state but also the citizen service mechanism too! There are plenty of benefits of the portal including:

  • The first and foremost benefit of the portal is government services are easily accessible online to the citizens of the state via this portal. Citizens can apply for numerous services directly from the portal, which means increased accessibility, and also they can apply from anywhere they want.
  • Another benefit of it is that the portal provides easy and smooth service delivery, all-in-all hassle-free service delivery.
  • Other than hassle-free service delivery, another benefit of the portal is that it has reduced the turnaround time of service delivery.
  • Since the services are available online via the Seva Sindhu portal which has resulted in minimizing the visits of the citizens to avail the services and this is also one of the many benefits of the portal. Also along with minimizing the visits, has reduced opportunity cost.
  • Also, it has enhanced the overall citizen service mechanism, because it has simplified the processes for the department.

The above-mentioned points are some of the major benefits of the portal and their many other amazing benefits of the portal.

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Services Available at Seva Sindhu Portal app

The Seva Sindhu portal offers various services to the citizens of Karnataka such as the addition of name in RC, modifications of ration card, applying for new ration card, etc. under the Food and Civil Supplies Department, then under the Directorate of Municipal Administration renewal of trade license, new trade license, building license, etc., under the Revenue Department Caste and Income Certificate, Domicile Certificate, Residence Certificate, etc.., and numerous other services are available at the portal under their respective departments.

Know all the services available at Seva Sindhu Portal app by just visiting the official website of the portal. Once you are on the homepage of the official website then click on “DEPARTMENTS & SERVICES” and you will find the complete list of services available at the Seva Sindhu portal.

Seva Sindhu Portal Registration Process

Let’s first know, what are the necessary things you should have with you or will be required to do the registration? So, for the Seva Sindhu portal registration, you will require your Aadhaar Number and the phone number with which your Aadhaar Number is linked. Make sure of that, because, when you will enter your Aadhaar number for the registration process then an OTP will be sent to the mobile number which is linked with your Aadhaar number. Here is the process to do the registration:

seva sindhu portal app

  • Once you are on the homepage of the official website then click on “New Users Register Here”.
  • Once you click on “New Users Register Here” then the complete steps that are required to perform in order to do the Seva Sindhu portal registration will be displayed on the screen. Read the steps thoroughly and then click on “New users register here ” which you will find mentioned at the bottom.
  • So, the first step for the registration will lead you to the Digi locker page — once you click on “New users register here ” then a new page which is the digi locker page will be displayed on the screen.
  • Now you will have to enter your 16 digit Aadhaar number on the digilocker page.

registration on app

  • After entering, click on “Next” and once you click on “Next” then an OTP will be sent to the mobile number which is linked with your Aadhaar number.
  • Once you have received OTP then enter it and click on “Continue”. Next, click on “Allow” to get back to the Seva Sindhu page.
  • Now you can enter your email Id (Optional).
  • Enter your mobile number and then set a password.
  • Now, enter captcha and click on “Submit”. Then there will be a verification popup and you then click on “Ok” on the verification popup.
  • Lastly, enter the OTP that you have received on your mobile and click on “Validate” to validate OTP. Then the registration successful message is going to be displayed.
  • Your Seva Sindhu portal registration will be done and in the future, you can log in to the portal by using either your email or mobile number.

What is the Procedure for Seva Sindhu Login?

If you are already a registered user of the portal then you can log in by using your Email ID/mobile no. and apply for the service. Here are the steps for the Seva Sindhu login:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the portal  
  • Once you are on the homepage of the official website then click on “Registered users login here”.
  • Once you click on “Registered users login here” a new page will be displayed on the screen.
  • Now on the new page, there will be “Apply for Service” and then ” Check Your Application Status“, so for login you have to go for the “Apply for Service”.
  • Next, fill the boxes with the information required which are mentioned just below “Apply for Service”.
  • You have to enter either your Email ID/Mobile no.
  • Now you can either get an OTP or enter your password.
  • Lastly, for the Seva Sindhu login, you have to enter the captcha code and click on the “submit” button.

How to Check Application Status at the Seva Sindhu portal?

If you have applied for a service, then you can also check the status of your application too! Here are the steps to check your application status:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the portal.
  • Once you are on the homepage of the official website then click on “Track your application status”.


  • Now, select an option to track the application — either select “Through Application Reference Number” or select “Through OTP/Application Details”.
  • Lastly, enter the character mentioned in the box and click on submit.
Service Center

you can also get the benefits of Seva Sindhu on the Kiosk Center which are available all over across the state. Kiosk center you can search by visiting on the portal. To search the center you have to visit to the Portal.

  • On home page of the portal you have to click on Service centers. After that new page will be open.
  • On next page you have to enter District name and taluka. After that Kiosk name, center address, person name and Phone number appear.
  • By click on locator you can trace the route on google map. 
Helpline Number

In this this article all  information regarding seva Sindhu portal has been provided. If you still having any issue while working or operating on portal you can contact on helpline number or write  email. Below is the  helpline number and email ID 

  • Helpline Number-080-22230282, 080-22279954
  • Email Id-

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