Odisha Farmer Registration: Registration Form, Check Status & Download Report

Odisha Farmer Registration | Registration Form 2022 | Farmer Registration Status | Download Report

You know that today farmers are the backbone of India. They represent Bharat by their hard work and by their true cultural celebration.

Farmers use a barter system to sell their grain and food products at the end of the year. But, year after year, everything has changed. The government has created new programs in which farmers can sell their produce at fair market prices agreed by the government.

Odisha Farmer Registration 

Odisha government runs many programs for the farmers of the state. As a result, the farmers of the state get a boost, and they get financial assistance.

Farmers in Odisha must register if they wish to sell rabi and Kharif crops at the lowest possible price. Anyone can apply online to a PACS / LAMPCS / WSHG / Panchayat, etc. office in your region. 

The details in the application forms of the farmers will be digitized by the organizations. According to officials the data will be submitted on the food supply website and will be processed by the consumer welfare department.

According to the Odisha government officials, all the farmers who wish to sell paddy will have to re-register with the Farmer Registration Odisha. As per the data, the harvesting of paddy will start during the first week of November and registration of farmers will be done in all the regions of the state to collect it within the timetable. Every farmer of the state will be able to use this service, thus they will have to register under this scheme.

The article specifies which documentation will be necessary for registration and which regions of the state farmers would be eligible to use the portal’s services.

Basic information

Name of Portal                Odisha Farmer Portal
Department      Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department
UnderThe Government of Odisha
Post For             Odisha Farmer Registration Status List
BeneficiaryThis initiative will help all farmers in the state.
Objective           To register all the farmers of the state as farmers.
Major Benefit   To provide Rabi/ Kharif Crops MSP Price
The year             2022
Mode   Online
Official Website              portal.pdsodisha.gov.in / Foododisha.in/

The Objective of Odisha Farmer Registration

The primary goal of launching Odisha Farmer Registration is to create a database of all farmers in the state. In-season purchase will also aid in prior planning for operational management. Underneath this system, all registered farmer residents may simply sell their goods to the government and receive a decent price, resulting in a lot of assistance for all of them.

Benefits of Odisha Farmer Registration

Odisha’s state government has implemented a new method to aid in the planning of procurement activities throughout each crop season. If the farmer wishes to sell his Rabi and Kharif crops at the MSP, he must first register as a farmer with the Odisha Farmers Registration. Farmers in the region will save time and money as a result of this.

The following are the eligibility requirements for Odisha farmer registration:

  • The candidate must be a legal resident of Odisha.
  • In addition, the candidate must be a farmer and have farming land.

Documents Required for Odisha Farmer Registration

Important Documents for Online Applications:

  • The Aadhar card
  • Bank account information
  • Rationing card
  • Income documentation
  • Photograph in passport size
  • Phone number

 Odisha Farmer Registration steps and download form

  • First and foremost, you must download the form provided here; then, you must print this form.
  • Now you must fill in all of the needed data in this form and attach all relevant papers to this form.
  • The form must then be sent to the nearest PACS/LAMPCS/WSHG/Pani Panchayat, etc.
  • When you submit your Odisha farmer registration form, it will be finished.

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Registration Application Foam filling procedure

To register Odisha farmers, each farmer must complete the farmer registration application form.

  • Farmers will be led through the process to fill out the form easily. In addition, authorities stated that each association would establish a helpdesk to assist.
  • All farmers must complete the registration form with all of the relevant information. The necessary documentation must then accompany the form.
  • The form must then be submitted to the nearest concerned office.
  • Forms containing incorrect Aadhaar numbers will be rejected.
  • Societies must then print their level registration form.
  • The size of the crop plot should be specified.
  • Sharecropper farmers must get permission from the landowners.
  • Assume the farmer cultivates the jurisdiction of a community different from his own. In such a situation, he should register all of his cultivated plots in the community where those farmers dwell.

Processing of applications at the societal level

  • The Society’s Secretary will verify the application form you completed.
  • The secretary must digitize the data in the entry form once the farmers have verified the correctness of the application form.
  • Farmers’ land information will be included in the Bhulekh application.
  • In addition, the online system will automatically get relevant facts from the Bullet database.
  • Under the Society Login, a separate page will be offered for registration. Farmers must also provide the court with the electricity customer number from the application form.
  • It will also resolve contested claims. In the same broth in the online system, all applicant farmers will oppose the claim to include specific areas in the collective cultivated area.
  • This website contains all of the information you need about Odisha Farmer Registration. So take your time reading this website.
Bank verification of Odisha farmer registration
  • Landlords must verify any lands that the Revenue Department has not categorized.
  • The quantity of cultivation stated by each farmer must be confirmed in all registries.
  • Verification will be accomplished using a farmer’s land record reference and a field examination.
  • Furthermore, the farmers must provide the nodal bank official with their bank account information.

How to View the Odisha Farmer Registration Status List?

Farmers who wish to monitor the Farmer Registered Status List can do so by visiting the official Department of Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare, Government of Odisha.

The series of steps to review the Odisha Farmer Registration, Status are

  • Applicants must first go to the Food Odisha Farmer Registration Portal
  • On Menu Bar Click on online services.
  • Under online services click on the transparency portal link, Post that Next page will be open which will be look like below.

 Odisha Farmer Registration status

  • Now Click on Know farmer registration status, on next page enter the required information and click on show button.  

food odisha Check registration status

  • Now you will be having status of registration on your screen.

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Odisha farmer registration status report

  • To obtain an Odisha farmer registration status report, first visit the official website of food odisha supplies and Consumer Welfare.
  • Once you visit the official website, there will notice a link to a farmer registration status report under online services transparency portal link. You can also click here to reach directly on this page
  • Now click on farmer registration status report, After that list of District will be appear.
  • To check the report select KMS year, season, registration date.
  • Now you have to click on show and you have to select your district.
  • After that farmer registration status report will subsequently be presented on the screen of your smartphone/Computer.

We generally believe that the scheme procedure is difficult. And we abandoned the concept of filling foam. But let me tell you the truth: plans are created for us, and more significantly, they are created by the government for farmer development. It just takes 2 minutes to complete the registration form; if you need more information or assistance, please leave a remark in the space below.

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