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Marriage is a traditional Indian practice in which two individuals join their souls to become soulmates. As a married couple, we must document our marriage now at the marriage registry office. And this is just as crucial as getting married. Haryana Marriage Registration Process 2022 is now available on the official website. Candidates do not have to go to the marriage registrar’s office to obtain the registration form because it is now available online.         

Haryana Marriage Registration

The Govt has launched a new online entry for Marriage Registration Certificates. This portal will aid newlyweds in registering their marriage in Haryana online. This Certificate will be utilized for a variety of purposes, including visa applications, name changes, and so on. In Haryana, this Certificate serves as legal proof of marriage. The necessity for a Marriage Certificate arises when it is necessary to verify that an individual is lawfully married to someone.

Basic Details

Scheme: Haryana Marriage Certificate
Launched by: Haryana Government
Beneficiaries: Citizen of Haryana
Application Mode : Online / Offline
Official Website https://shaadi.edisha.gov.in

Registration done under the special Act

A marriage certificate is an official and legal document issued by the state official following the registration of a marriage. A marriage in India can be certified under one of two instances:

  • When the husband and wife are Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, or Jains or have converted to any of these religions, the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 applies.
  • When a husband and woman have love and faith in each other, they consummate inter-religious weddings, and Indians live in foreign nations, the Special Marriage Act of 1954 applies.

The main objective:

The major goal of Haryana applying is to allow Haryana residents to enroll for marriage certificates from the comfort of their own homes. Haryana residents are not needed to attend government buildings to register. They can apply by going to the official Haryana marriage registration website.. This will save time and resources while also increasing system visibility.

Click Here for Saral Portal Haryana

Application Fee

When registering for Haryana marriage registration, the happy couple must pay the following registration fee:

Apply for marriage (Time taken)


Within 90 days  after marriage


After 90 days but within one year of the marriage date.


After one year of the marriage date.


Criteria for Eligibility

  • The husband and wife must be at least 18 and 21, respectively.
  • There should not be any more than one life partner for every individual at the moment of marriage enrolment.
  • The bride and groom should have resided in the area where the marriage is to be registered for at least 1 month.

Click Here for Haryana Parivar Pehchan Patra

Benefits of Haryana Marriage Registration

There are various advantages to this approach.

  • Another primary aspect that newly married couples will receive due to their eligibility for the Haryana marriage registration scheme is the ability to register for marriage while sitting at home.
  • The Haryana registry website will allow all citizens to register their nuptials without leaving their homes.
  • This is a truly innovative technology for the people of Haryana.

Documentation is required

When registering for Haryana marriage registration, the following papers are considered necessary

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Proof of both the bride’s and the bridegroom’s birth dates Proof of both the bride and groom Photographs of both parties
  • Invitation to a Wedding
  • The Wedding Photograph

Haryana Marriage Certificate Online Registration and Fee Payment Procedure


Online Register your Marriage


  • You must go to the site and choose the “Account section.
  • You must click on the register area and properly register yourself as a new account.

 Marriage Certificate registration

  • Before beginning the registration process, you should read the Marriage Registration Manual
  • After finishing the registration procedure, you must remember all passwords, usernames, and email addresses.

Enter your login information

  • You must first navigate to the “Account Section” and select the “sign-in button.”         
  • You must log in using your username and password.


  • After successfully logging in, you must click on “register marriage.”
  • Then a form will appear in front of you in which you must input all the marriage registration information such as marriage registrar district, marriage details, groom details, bride details, pictures, and so on.
  • You must now submit photographs of the groom, bride, wedding, and couples.
  • A form will appear in front of you, on which you must input all of the marriage registration data, such as the marriage registrar district, marriage details, groom details, bride details, pictures, and so on.
  • You must now add photos of the groom, bride, wedding, and couple.
  • The declaration must be checked.
  • After entering all of the necessary information, you must click submit.
  • You may pay the application costs by selecting on my registration and viewing.


  • Click here on the ‘My Registration’ tab, and then you have to click on the “view tab,” and then click on the ‘Proceed Payment’ tab. After that, you must choose the bank here for the payment gateway and fill in the details; after accomplishing the details, you have to click on the ‘Pay tab to proceed’.
  • After this step, you get a new mailbox where some instruction is provided and that you have read carefully. And before proceeding, note down the transaction ID.
  • And then, Click on the ‘Proceed to Pay’ Then you have to click on the ‘Continue’ tab.      
  • After that, click on the ‘ok button’.
  • A new page with several payment choices will now display in front of you.
  • You must select your preferred payment method by clicking on it.
  • Following that, you must provide the necessary information.
  • You must now click the ‘confirm button’.
  • The payment procedure will be finished.

Haryana Marriage Registration Offline Procedure 2022

To enroll your marriage offline, follow the easy steps outlined below:

  • The applicant must proceed to the relationship enlisting centre in the Municipal Corporation in the region where the marriage is observed.
  • Submit the applications, along with the required documents and the advised money, at the office of the marital enrollment centre.

Haryana marriage certificate download

To obtain the marriage certificate, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • Online at The Official website by clicking on the link provided above.
  • On the website, select “Online Status” from the Online Services menu.
  • A new webpage will appear on your screen.


  • Enter the details for Transaction ID Verification.
  • Click on the download button after that haryana marriage certificate will be download in your system or mobile.
Helpline Number

For further detail, you can use a government entity.

  • Toll-free number 1800-2000-023
  • Email @ saral.haryana@gov.in

Register your marriage today through legal channels. If you want further assistance, please leave a remark in the space below.

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