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In India, ration cards are provided to all Indians, however, the state passes on every benefit received under the ration card to ration cardholders. A ration card is a government-issued document. It is a government-verified document. A ration cardholder can buy grains, rice, kerosene, or sugar at an affordable price when these items are available in depot holders by the state governments. A ration card is an authorized certificate or document issued by all state governments to its residents for the purpose of purchasing subsidized food.

Gujarat Ration card

Usually, the State Government provides Gujarat Ration Card to the people of Above Pоvеrtу Line, Below Poverty Line, and Antуоdауа families. If said in simple words, then the government gives Ration Card to the very poor, poor, and middle-class people. Also, you can use the ration card of Gujarat whenever any new scheme or service of the government comes. So taking advantage of it, you can use Ration Card as identification. Food and Civil Supplies Department is responsible for issuing ration cards in Gujarat.

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Modes to apply for a Gujarat Ration Card

Every citizen in Gujarat can apply for a ration card through any of the online or offline modes. The procedure is quite simple for this, just the applicant needs to download the application form from the official website or you can also get it from the office of the Food and Civil Supplies Department. In this article, we will discuss the information about ration cards in Gujarat state. Gujarat government has provided bar code ration cards to the residents of Gujarat. The bar code guarantees that the benefits of the scheme accrue only to the intended recipient. Only Gujarat has implemented a fair and transparent and computerized bar-coded ration card system all over the country.

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Purpose of Ration Card

A ration card is a mandatory document that can be used as legal identity proof. The Gujarat government gives a subsidies for necessary food items and commodities for ration cardholders.

Use of ration card in Gujarat

Ration card is an essential document, that is why we need it in many places such as-

  • To buy food items from ration shop including wheat, rice, sugar, and LPG, kerosene
  • To open a bank account
  • In school-college
  • In the courtroom
  • To generate the Voting Card
  • To Buy Mobile Sim Card
  • To Create Passport
  • For Driving License
  • For LPG connection
  • To withdraw Life Insurance
  • In government and private offices

A ration card is also an important document in our nation. Almost all the people in our country have this document for sure.

Types of Digital Gujarat Ration Card

All the state governments of India have to find such families which come under this rule. Such families have to make food staples by seeing some subsidies. In this way, the main two types of Gujarat Ration Card have been done.

Priority Ration Cards: This card is given to those families whose eligibility is decided by the state government. They are provided grain up to 5 kg.

Antyodaya (AAY) Gujrat Ration Cards: This card is given to very poor families. Through this card, the government provides food grains up to 35 kg.

Documents required for applying for the Gujarat Ration Card

There is a huge list of documents required for the procedure of applying for a new Gujarat ration card. Mainly divided into three categories. These are Identity Proof, Residence Proof, and Service Attachment Proof. Whereas below are the simply selected few documents that can be enough for applying for a new ration card.

  • Elесtriсitу Bill
  • Wаtеr Bill
  • Gаѕ Cоnnесtiоn Bill
  • Pаѕѕроrt
  • Vоtеr ID
  • Aаdhааr саrd
  • Bаnk Pаѕѕbооk
  • Hоmе Rеgiѕtrаtiоn

Eligibility criteria for applying for Digital Gujarat Ration Card

Anyone member or a key member of your household can apply to make a Gujarat ration card. Just you have to keep in mind that no other member from your house should also apply or else there may be rejection.

To be eligible to apply for Ration Card in Gujarat, you need to follow the simple eligibility criteria given below:-

  • Very first and foremost, the applicant must be a permanent and legal resident of the state of Gujarat.
  • Applicant should not already have an active ration card
  • The applicant is only eligible for a new ration card if his old ration card is expired or stolen.
  • Newlyweds are also eligible for ration cards.

How to Apply for Ration Card in Gujarat

Here we are providing some instructions to apply online for a new ration card in Gujarat state.

  • First of all go to the nearest Food and Civil Supplies Department offices of Gujarat and submit the application form for the ration card.
  • You can also download the form from the official website of Digital Gujarat or You can download by Clicking on Link.
  • Fill the form properly with all the required details.
  • Attach necessary documents like address proof, family photo, etc.
  • Submit the application form to the office and in return, they give the acknowledgment slip so that they can check the status of the ration card.

Application Procedure of Digital Gujarat Ration Card online

  • To apply for a ration card in Gujarat state, you need to follow the simple application procedure given below:-
  • First, visit the digital Gujaratofficial website of Digital Gujarat. Then go on the homepage and click on the Services tab.


  • After that, click on the citizen servicesfrom the drop-down list.
  • Click the Application for new ration card button under Online Services.
  • After that you will be having option of Download form or apply online. You have to click on apply online for ration card online apply.
How to Check details of Digital Gujarat Ration Card Online
  • Applicants have to visit the official website to check the application form.
  • Click on the link, Check/verify your ration card details
  • After that, Next page will be open and now you have to click on Details of your ration card.
  • Now enter Bar-Coded Ration card No. and verification code and click on Search Button.
  • Your ration card details will be appear on your screen.. you can also take the print of the card by clicking on Print Button.

How to Check Gujarat Ration Card online List

To see your name on theRation Card online List,

  • First, You must visit the official website . A page will open in front of you on the website. Click on Check/Verify Ration card details. after that click on Area wise ration card details.

  • Click Area wise ration card details – NFSA .Enter Year & Captcha and Press Search Button.

ration card Print

  • After, which the names of all the districts and the number of Gujarat Ration Card issued in them will appear in front of you.
  • Here you have to click on the name of your district. On clicking on the name of your district, the list of the name of your area will open. Select your region by clicking on its name.
  • On clicking on the name of your area, the name of your area will open. Here you will see many Ration Card and the name of your area. Here you want to see the list of the type of ration cards like BPL. Click on your number.
  • You can also do Online Ration Card print once it shown on website.

Digital Gujarat Ration Card Entitlement

  • To check the information related to you ration card you have to open the Website mention in the article.
  • On home page Click on Know your entitlement under Ration card Link.
  • After that A new page will be open and you have to enter few information into it.
  • Here you will be asked for “your ration card Number” and captcha details Or you have select few details Like “is your card is NSFA” ,Member’s in your card and card category Etc.
  • Once your entered all the information you have click on View. Post that your card entitlement status will Appear

How to File Complaint

If any citizen of Gujarat having any issue with the department or related to ration card and wanted to file a complain, same can be done by visiting the official website of Civil Supplies & Consumer Affair Department, Government of Gujarat.

  • Once Home page open clink on online Complain on the E-citizen tab and on Next Page Enter your mobile number and click on ‘Proceed’ button.
  • Application form will be appear in From of You. Fill that form and submit the button. Note down the Acknowledgment.
  • You can get your complain status from the link provided in Online complain window.
What are the Most of Use of the Ration Card?

You can get cereals or other food items at the right price. The biggest and most important use of Gujrat Ration Cards is that they can get food grains and other food items at a subsidized price.

  • You can use Ration Card as an identity card according to your identity proof in many places. And with this, you can also do it according to your residence proof. Hence, it has become an important part.

Here, we have told you in detail about Ration Card of Gujarat. If you have any inquiries regarding this information or would like more about it, simply use the comments section to ask questions. We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

Frequent asked question on Digital Gujarat Ration Card

Which is the official website of Gujarat ration card online apply.

You can apply ration card online on website under services tab. You have to select citizen services to apply for it/

How to do digital ration card online apply in Gujarat

first visit to the official website and click on citizen services under services tab. After that select application for new ration card.

How to take Gujarat online ration card Print

You have to visit to, Gujarat ration card website and click on check/verify details of your ration card and provide required details

Where we can check the Gujarat ration card List

After opening the Official ration card website you have to click on Fair price shop, Then enter Dist. Taluka and select your fair shop. Click on your card number and then take print.

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